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Increase your yield

NECTO is a cost-effective lightweight structure optimized for photovoltaic modules.

It replaces the standard photovoltaic module frame, increases module stability, energy yield and lifespan.

NECTO is the first step to improve
PV module performance at lower cost

Necto Modul 2.png
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NECTO Concept

NECTO abstracts the biological model of bird bones
and transfers the properties to sheet metal structures.



Image by Nuno Marques

Energy Yield

The NECTO frames increases the energy output
by reducing the solar cell working temperature,
while preventing dirt & snow buildup.


The NECTO structure significantly reduces module weight

Image by Javardh

Low Cost

NECTO frames are produced at low cost,

while transport & shipping cost is reduced by 1/3.


The NECTO frame reduces the
energy consumption for module materials by 40%

Image by Evan Wise

Smart design

NECTO frames are designed for easy mounting


Due to their sandwich structure NECTO modules are very stable. This allows the use of thin module glasses
and the reduction of the modules thickness.

 It is perfectly suited for large modules.


Core Materials



NECTO Steel is a low cost, high stable and low CO2 sheet


NECTO Aluminium

NECTO Aluminium increases the yield



NECTO Plex - perfect for ultra lightweight modules

Custom-made solutions

PV Module

The NECTO structure can be customised to your requirements.
Your modules can be optimised for different application scenarios. This includes optimisation

  • on the cooling effect for high temperature areas

  • Stability for snow and wind load areas

  • Light construction PV modules

  • Modules with heat recovery (PVT)

  • Facade modules

  • CO2 balance

Necto Modul_edited.jpg

multidimensional PV hood

The NECTO structure is suitable for multi-dimensional surface structures in combination with photovoltaically active surfaces. Matrix-Module develops customized solutions.

Image by Andreas Gücklhorn


Our vision
An intact environment without resource consumption and emissions,
with a reduced use of materials as far as possible and an established circular economy.

Our mission
MATRIX products are:
easy to use,
reusable and
with outstanding performance

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Buckminster Fuller

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